April 7, 2015

CHANDIGARH: Almost 100% loss to their wheat crop due to recent rains and hailstorms has led to the death of three, including a woman, due to heart attack in past three days in Darauli village of Rewari district. Two farmers died on Monday, while 55 year-old Dharampal had passed away on Saturday.

Anita, 42, died after she went to her fields to harvest whatever had remained of the crop. She did not find any grains in the wheat sown in four acres of land. The crop had been flattened by rain, winds and hailstorms. The family owned just two acres of land while the remaining two acres was hired for sowing.

According to Anita's son Jogender Kumar, 21, the family was under a debt of Rs 6.5 lakh, out of which Rs 2 lakh was taken from a nationalized bank. "We had even sold two acres of land for relief from the debt in 2014," he said. But the family's debt again went up following his the expenditure on his marriage. The family's younger daughter's marriage was scheduled for November which had put more pressure on them.

Damage to crops had dashed the hopes of family of getting any relief from the debt. "My mother could not bear the loss to the crops," said Kumar.

Another 80-year-old farmer Shri Chand also died on Monday after suffering a heart attack when he saw the total destruction on his fields. Sources said that he was also under debt. Even Dharam Pal is also said to have died of the heart attack on account of crop loss due to inclement weather.

Jatusana station house officer Narender Singh confirmed that the families concerned had told the police that the three died due to shock when then saw their damaged crops.

Kosli sub-divisional magistrate Nirmal Nagar told the TOI that the farmers of the village were not in a position to bear loses to their crops. After getting information about the repeated deaths in the village, Nagar along with revenue officials on Monday visited Darauli and conducted the girdawari (assessment) to know the exact loss to crops. "The damage to the crops is almost 100%," Nagar confirmed.

"We have recommended to the divisional commissioner that the loan of the affected farmers from the village be waived off. We have also urged the government to provide monetary help to the affected families under existing schemes of the government," the SDM added.

Story Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Hopes-flattened-with-crop-3-Rewari-farmers-die-of-heart-attack/articleshow/46833593.cms


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